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World's Largest Hand-Woven Carpet

Aug 17, 2012




The largest hand made carpet in history

Press release from Mr. Yazdi, Iran Carpet Company, 10 May 2004 

The world's largest hand-woven carpet was produced by Iran Carpet Company (ICC) at the order of the Diwan of the Royal Court of Sultanate of Oman to cover the entire floor of the main praying hall of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (SQGM) in Muscat. The carpet measures over 70×60 meters, and covers the 4343 square meter area of the praying hall, all in a single piece.

The central medallion is inspired by the ceiling of the Sheikh Lutfullah Mosque in Isfahan. The original design elements of the medallion were somewhat adjusted to match the enormous size of the carpet. The growing size of each succeeding oval motifs gives the illusion of a concave dome harmoniously reflecting the Grand Mosque's inner dome just above the medallion.

The carpet's field is skillfully adorned with Shah Abbasi florals gracefully set in arabesque (Islimi) patterns.

The contract for weaving was awarded in 1996 and the completed carpet was shipped to Muscat in December 2000. The installation and linking works took some four months and was completed in April 2001. The newly built Grand Mosque was inaugurated by His Majesty the Sultan of Oman on May 4, 2001.

Those who visit the Grand Mosque marvel at this Persian carpet as a manifestation of a genuine traditional art- an art that has remained, and will continue to remain, a perennial phenomenon always loved and admired in every corner of the world.

The Largest Hand – made Carpet in History

A Statistical Profile

• Size : 70.50×60.90 m

• Area : 4343m2

• Density: 40 knots (Persian knotting)

• Place woven: Nishabour, Khorasan province

• Duration of weaving : 3 years

• Number of weavers in two shifts: 600 (women) , 12 million person/ hours

• Number of knots : 1700 million

• Number of colours: 28 colours from herbal origin

• Dyeing : pre-spun system

• Warp and weft: pure cotton yarn,

• Pile : fine wool

• Design: central medallion: inspired by the internal dome of Sheikh Lutfullah Mosque, Isfahan, field: overall Shah Abbasi floral set amid arabesque (Islimi) patterns.

• On-completion weight : 22 tons

• Shipment to Muscat: December 2000

• Installation on the site:31.12.2000-22.04.2001

• Inauguration date of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque : May 4, 2001

The design, weaving and installation on the site of this carpet involved a series of inventive and innovative processes and techniques for which Iran Carpet Company has applied intellectual property rights in order to provide protection against any infringing acts.

Iran Carpet Company, Tehran 11 May 2004


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